Please email for                      commission and quote info!
 I will not accept quotes when I am closed for commissions.
commissions open in 2017! 
quotes open in 2017!

                                            you must be 18+ to order from me PRoof of age will be required (government issued ID) ​​                                          
****what we do not offer****
-fursuit parts/singles
​heads, hands, feet tails, legs, and bodysuits.​
-fursuit accessories and or parts (caws, noses, fursuit sized props, glasses ect.​
-head bases, feet bases
-head base sculpt commissions ​​​

***What we do offer!***
-toony and realistic suits
-partial suits (head hands feet tail and arms)
-plantigrade fullsuits
-digitagrade ​​​​fullsuits
-ears (only when they are listed as open)​

toony price guide

Partials $1200+
Planti fullsuits $2000​+
Digi fullsuits $2300

realistic price guide 

​partial $1500+ 
​planti fullsuit $2300+
digi fullsuit $2500​​​​+